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God's LOVE is the greatest force in the universe!  Always was! Still is!

If you were Agape Force, welcome. If you were a friend of Agape Force, welcome. If your parents were Agape Force, welcome. If you’re just curious about what and who Agape Force was, welcome.

This site exists, in part, to help Agape Force alumni find and stay in touch with each other . It also exists to help us remember a time of our lives and a time in history when we set out to change the world for Jesus, thought we failed, and then learned we succeeded after all.

it can never be a complete history of all the good and bad, happy and sad. What it can be is a link backwards and forwards. It is for us, for our children, for the world. But most of all, it is what it always was. For God.

The site is currently built and maintained by Ministry of Helps, a division of Gates of Life, a spin off ministry of Agape Force since 1982.

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